Car Loans With no Credit Check

We get a lot of customers contacting us on how to get an auto loan with no credit check. Its true that most loans do require credit checks, but there are loans available that do not do credit checks.

Its however important to keep in mind that a loan with no credit check will in most cases mean you’ll be paying more in interest (So bigger monthly payments).

If you apply with us we will connect you with lenders that will do their very best to get you the car loan you need. Regardless of your credit. There’s loans for all credit types. Focusing on companies, like AutoFinanceDoctor, that has loans for all credit types is much better than trying to get a loan without a credit check. Here’s why:

When you get a loan based on your credit you pay the interest that the lender values you as. If you apply for a loan with a lender that does not do credit checks they will assume your credit is the absolute worst and you will therefore pay the highest possible interest rate. Even if your credit is just a little on the low side. That’s why it often makes sense to know your credit and not be too focused on it. The lender we work with know that a lot of people are just unlikely with their credit and will do their best to help you.

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